Simplifying Your Health Insurance Journey

Digital patient payment and billing solutions improve engagement by giving patients streamlined billing information and flexible payments. Health systems that use these tools can liquidate balances and boost collections while delivering a best-in-class consumer financial experience. Simplify charges for your medical services with a single claim that includes doctor, hospital and equipment fees. Then, your insurance company pays the bill, and you receive a statement of the remaining costs.

Improved Collections

Boosting patient payments is the key to a more successful healthcare billing process. When you provide patients with a clear understanding of their role in the payment process, they’re more likely to make payments on time. This can be done by communicating costs upfront and providing multiple payment options. Additionally, patients can view and pay their bills anytime by ensuring they have easy access to online invoices.

Streamlined electronic claim submissions also speed up the process, increasing your cash flow and eliminating delays in receiving insurer payments. Medical billing software also provides the tools to identify patients behind in prices, making it easier to follow up and collect outstanding balances. A strong point-of-service patient collection strategy is critical in today’s high-deductible health insurance environment. Whether through insurance verification, insurance coordination or point-of-service payments, this approach ensures that patients understand their role in the payment process and what they can expect to pay for services rendered.

Providers can significantly improve their billing and collections processes by proactively addressing these challenges. They can also increase their cash flow by implementing an effective out-of-network billing solution integrated with their existing practice management systems. It offers the ability to collect payments at the point of service. In addition, electronic billing and processing can eliminate manual errors that occur when manually re-entering charges on billing sheets or entering incorrect codes.

Easy Enrollment

When people file their taxes this year, they may not just check a box but also want to know how to get help with health insurance. State officials and advocates urge people to take that extra half-second when filling out their tax returns to ensure they check a box, which would automatically direct their information to the state health agency to see if they qualify for coverage through their state exchange. 

Thus, you can provide your patients with an easier way to pay their bills with an integrated patient payment solution that combines patient payments, payment history and propensity-to-pay scores. Send Flow smart requests via email and text to include account statements and payment forms, verify identity for HIPAA compliance, and allow patients to enter their data in minutes to make a secure payment online or over the phone.

Real-Time Reporting

Access to real-time reporting through your insurance billing and patient payment solution can be a major game-changer for small agencies and independent insurance agents. Real-time reports allow users to view information instantly and can be used to generate strategies and approaches to help improve business processes. Patients want to know what they owe, what their insurance will cover and when payments are due. Patient payment solutions can support this by offering several ways for patients to pay, including online and mobile payment portals, automated payment plans and cost estimation tools. 

These features can also improve consumer engagement and enable providers to spend less time chasing unpaid balances. Providers can also leverage real-time insurance verification technologies to ensure patients can access their needed services and understand their financial responsibility. These aptly named patient eligibility verification systems can help reduce claims denials by verifying coverage before or during patient registration and delivering better communication around payment options.

In addition to delivering flexible omnichannel payment options, patient payment management software can offer enhanced cash flow and staff efficiency with the ability to post payments into your practice accounting system automatically. This can eliminate the need for manual entry, save time, reduce outstanding A/R and increase staff productivity. The platform can even help improve revenue with the capability to accept credit/debit cards, checks, Apple Pay and text-to-pay — all with no login required.

Streamlined Claims Management

Managing insurance claims through an automated system eliminates the risk of human error, improves data management, and speeds up the process. It also helps minimize costs and ensures a smooth customer experience, making it essential to ensure success. An automated process can reduce the number of claim denials caused by missing or inaccurate information and identify the reasons behind them. It can also speed up the process by identifying issues and sending them to the appropriate team to resolve them. A comprehensive insurance claims management solution also helps streamline workflows by automating tasks like document classification, data extraction, sending alerts for overpayment or delayed payments, and identifying redundant processes that can be eliminated to save time.

Obtaining compensation for medical services can be difficult and stressful for patients. Patients can make informed decisions about their healthcare expenses by clearly communicating payment options and financial assistance programs. Working with reliable third-party payment processors specializing in healthcare can also improve the overall patient experience by providing a seamless and efficient processing service. 

Care for your patients continues even after the appointment ends. A patient financing solution ensures that “no harm” extends to payment with simple, flexible and affordable prices, including recourse financing for co-pays, deductibles and coinsurance. Patients can pay through a customized payment portal with mobile options and empathetic live voice and online chat support when needed.


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