JOINPD: An Educational Tool For Intermediate

Joinpd is an American educational tool that has a revolutionary impact on the teaching profession. It has made the teaching and learning process more interactive and practical. People from teaching professions whether they are from school, college, university, technical, education academy, or organization can make their lectures and presentations more interesting and valuable. It can save the time of Crafting a Presentation omgblog.

Upon logging in, click the ‘Create a Lesson’ button. Here, you have the option to generate a presentation from scratch or import an existing one from Google Slides or PowerPoint. If you going to start from scratch, choose ‘Start from Scratch’, pick a slide layout, and add your content. In addition, you can raise interactive questions by clicking the ‘Ask a Question’ button and selecting your desired question type.

You can utilize joinpd tool for the following:

Delivering a Lesson

When you want to present your lesson, click the ‘Start Lesson’ button. This will give you a unique code that you can distribute to your students, enabling them to join your session through Joinpd.com Join. As you progress through the slides, students can provide real-time responses, and you can monitor their participation.

Managing Student Responses

Joinpd.com offers new options for reviewing student responses. The ‘Overlay’ view collects all responses onto a single slide for a quick class-wide overview. The ‘Grid’ view arranges responses in a grid format for individual assessment, while the ‘List’ view presents responses in a scrollable list, ideal for text-heavy feedback. For more details click here.

 Reviewing  the Sessions

After your presentation concludes, you can archive the session. This feature stores all slides and student responses for future reference. Access your saved sessions by navigating to your dashboard’s ‘Sessions’ tab.


Joinpd.com Join facilitates personalized feedback. Simply select a student’s answer, input your feedback, and click the ‘Send Feedback’ button. Students can access this feedback during their subsequent session visits.

Homework Assignment

Joinpd.com also supports the assignment of homework or assessments. Create a presentation as usual, but instead of clicking ‘Start Lesson,’ opt for ‘Assign Homework.’ Set a due date, and share the assignment code with your students, allowing them to complete the task at their own pace.”


You can access and join the educational tool joinpd through web and app if you want to increase your skills and impact .


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